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medical illustration of Summary of surgical steps for Da Vinci® assisted laparoscopic total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo oopherectomy procedure. Emphasis on instrumentation.
medical illustration of Textbook illustration depicting molecular and cellular events of the apoptosis signaling pathway. Undergraduate level cellular biology course or anatomy and physiology course is the intended audience.
medical illustration of Mockup spread on cardiac tamponade, including general description, causes, signs/symptoms. Illustrations feature schematic of blood-filled pericardium, cross-section of heart highlighting compression of left ventricle and site of LV rupture following transmural infarction.
medical illustration of Sagittal cross-section of a child’s nasal cavity, showing two common anterior nasal packing techniques (featuring ribbon gauze only).
medical illustration of Laparoscopic view of the uterus, with the uterus lifted from the surface of the colon to show adhesions that are common in endometriosis.
medical illustration of Schematic cross section of plasma membrane with the human M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor bound to antagonist Tiotropium, blocking acetylcholine from binding.
medical illustration of Spot illustration depicting purpura rash associated with meningococcemia on the arms of a young child.
medical illustration of Coronal section of cerebral hemispheres highlighting some of the main features of cerebral malaria, including the distinctive purple to grey color, petechial hemorrhages, and edema.
medical illustration of Illustration of heart cross-section specimen featuring hypertrophic left ventricle with scarring from a previous infarction in the anterolateral wall.


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