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Wildflower Guide to the Braunton Burrows Sand dune system

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One of a series of 12 botanical illustrations completed for a fold-out wildflower identification guide, Watercolour on paper.

© Lizzie Harper 2023

AMI #27

Page 160

medical illustration of Series of pen and ink illustrations to accompany Attenborough's
medical illustration of Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta watercolour illustration completed for the V&A musuem in London to promote their Beatrix Potter exhibition
medical illustration of One of a series of botanical illustrations for a field identification guide to the wildflowers of Braunton Burrows sand dunes
medical illustration of Life cycle of the African Malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, showing developmental stages and an unfed female and a feeding female. 
For an accompanying blog please see below


Self initiated project
medical illustration of Botanical illustration showing flower and rosehip.

One of 35 UK invasive plant species illustrated to be used on a fold out identification chart  published by Field Studies Council, UK
medical illustration of Male Emperor dragonfly Anax imperator, cut to white.

Completed for the Canal and Rivers Waterway Trust, UK

medical illustration of Illustration of Pied flycatcher Ficendula hypoleuca sitting amongst oak leaves.

Completed for an interpretation board on wildlife of a nature reserve in Mid wales.

medical illustration of Illustration completed for a Swedish horticultural client, showing tactics which help nature and are regarded as
medical illustration of Detail of larger sketchbook style illustration showing the Buddleja plant.  This plant is an invasive seed in Sweden, and the illustrations are used to help people identify the alien species.

Watercolour and graphite
medical illustration of Landscape natural history sciart illustration showing local wild flowers and butterflies used as the annual mug design to promote the Hay Festival of Literature 2022
medical illustration of Natural history natural science sciart watercolur illustratration of the worker honey bee Apis mellifera.  Insect, entomology, watercolour
medical illustration of Illustration showing the Carbon cycle.  Includes vignettes of root tip growth, leaf litter, detritivores, photosynthesis, respiration, soil micro-organisms, fossil fuels, the role of decay and the role of fungus.  Watercolour.  Completed for RST Sweden
medical illustration of Sand hill Screwmoss Syntrichia ruraliformis ruraliformis wet specimen

This is one of 12 species illustrated for a wild flower guide to the Braunton burrows sand dune system in North Devon, UK

The specimen looks very different when wet from when it's dry, so during illustrating it was vital to continually moisten the moss.
medical illustration of Anopheles gambiae feeding, showing the mouthparts at work, and abdomen swollen with blood

Part of a larger illustration showing all the stages of the Anopheles gambiae life cycle:

medical illustration of Bluebell flower Hyancinthoides non-scripta botanical illustration of a single wild flower showing stamens and recurvature of the petals.

One of a series of botanical illustrations of single, magnified flowers for a client in the homeware industry
medical illustration of Examples of monocot plants growing in Brecknockshire, with typical monocot seedling, 

From Autumn crocus to Flowering rush, sedges to orchids.

Commissioned for the Brecknockshire botanical society's County Flora (2023); one of 12 botanical sciart illustrations created for this project.
medical illustration of British earthstar Geastrum britannicum.

This comparatively newly discovered species of fungus can be identified by the pale halo below the beak on the fruiting body.

One of a series of natural science / botanical illustrations completed for an interpretation board for a nature reserve based in a traditional UK churchyard where these rare fungi grow
medical illustration of Pen and ink illustrations of a variety of animals that have inspired human biomimicry.

Cover illustrations and 40 internal pen and ink sciart illustrations of animals ranging from a snow flea to a blue whale (and everything in between!)

Illustrations also included technical renderings of scientific and engineering details such as roof arches, black box recorders, and wind turbine blades, along with magnified details of subjects such as polar bear hairs and butterfly scales.
medical illustration of Rhododendron ponticum botanical illustration

One of 35 UK invasive plant species illustrated to be used on a fold out identification chart  published by Field Studies Council, UK
medical illustration of Rocky shore line ecosystem zonation of species shows how different members of this ecosystem contribute to the overall health of the system.

Zonation is caused by wave action, salinity and dessication, as well as predation.  Species illustrated include crustaceasn, flowering polants, seaweeds, molluscs, sponges, and cnidarians.

One of a series of illustrations for The Hidden Universe
medical illustration of Illustration of the Barn Swallow in flight, seen from below.

Private commission.
medical illustration of Botanical illustration of the Gentian Gentiana acaulis garden plant blue for gardening company advertising
medical illustration of One of a series of technically detailed entomological illustrations of UK wood ant species.  Used in a Guide to the Wood Ants of the UK produced by UK National Parks.

The guide also features wood ant life cycle, nests, and close up species specific details 

For a free download of the guide as pdf click here: 
medical illustration of Illustration of four common British grass species for a private commission from a botanist.

Species illustrated are False Oat grass,  Crested Dogs-tail, Cocks-foot, and Yorkshire Fog.
medical illustration of Illustration of Deer for Spot Farm's
medical illustration of Detailed study of fall leaf in autumn, watercolor
medical illustration of Cherry pen and ink illustration with colour top wash.  For
medical illustration of Natural history illustration of two Little stint on the shoreline, in summer plumage.

Private commission.
medical animation of Lizzie Harper demonstrates and explains how to complete a botanical illustration of Downy Birch.

Techniques covered include stiplling, line, and how to tackle shadows.

Downy birch illustration completed for
medical illustration of One of a series of 12 invasive species illustrated for the Swedish Horticultural Society.

This one is the lupin and includes information on flowers, leaves, flower cross-sections, seeds, and habit.
medical illustration of Natural history illustration of the small mammal, field vole with grass behind.  Used on an animal identification board for a new wildlife nature reserve in Britain. Watercolor on paper.
medical illustration of Botanical watercolour illustration of a sprig of Rowan or Mountain Ash, showing berries, blossom and leaves.  Commissioned for wedding stationary by a couple who are both botanists.
medical animation of Step x step botanical illustration of a watercolor natural science illustration of the Sweet pea completed in real time with commentary from Sciart botanical illustrator Lizzie Harper
medical illustration of Sand dune evolution and succession landscape, showing how dunes become established scrubland.  Illustration also features many of the animal and plant species one finds in these habitats in the UK
medical illustration of Illustration of Mallard duck for Spot Farms
medical illustration of Sketchbook study of the Hazel plant showing catkins, leaves, and nuts
medical illustration of The cover art includes several of my botanical illustrations of plants that one can forage and cook with or eat; inside there are 52 line drawings of the featured plants.  The hope is that kids can color these in once they've found and eaten that particular plant.
medical illustration of Detailed natural history sciart entomology illustration of the adult male chironomid midge, larvae, and reconstruction of the fossilized 4th instar head capsule and mentum of Microseptra radialis
medical illustration of Water meadow watercolor landscape illustration, including plant and animal species and invasive species found in this ecological habitat.  Botanical illustrations of aquatic marginal species such as buttercup yellow flag, water soldier, himalyan balsam and pollarded willow.  Animals include bat, otter, kingfisher, moorhen, crayfish, frog, peacock butterfly, perch fish, and dragonfly.
medical illustration of House sparrow Passer domesticus with rosehips and foliage
medical illustration of Several of over 37 species illustrated for a pull-out identification chart of Coastal flowers of the UK, published by The Field Studies Council

Species illustrated here are Common restharrow, Sea bindweed, Yellow horned poppy, Thrift, and Sea lavender
medical illustration of Blue poison dart poison arrow frog illustrated for Wildlfowl and Wetlands Trust UK
medical animation of Lizzie Harper natural history illustrator and botanical artist shows a time-lapse film of me painting a watercolor entomological insect illustration of the seven-spot ladybird beetle coccinella septempunctata and explains some of the painting techniques I use.
medical illustration of Botanical natural science illustration of a russula species of fungus for interpretation board wildlife trust.
medical animation of Overview of some of the many titles I have illustrated.  Used as a promotion for London Book Fair 2019
medical illustration of Diagram of botanical terms used to explain different seed and fruit dispersal mechanisms; drupe, pome, silique, capsule, nut, samara, pod, achene etc; shown by apple, tomato, plum, elm, dandelion, maize, mustard, poppy, oak.  Textbook, educational, diagramatic, botany, botany terminology.
medical illustration of Science art entomological illustration of the irridescent beetle and natural history subject H. elegans
medical illustration of Series of 6 entomological illustrations of natural science odonata dragonfly and damselfly subjects for postage stamps for Jersey UK.
medical illustration of Entomological natural history natural science sciart illustration of a dead fly found on the windowsill of the studio
medical illustration of Pencil illustration of variety of cucumbers done for Rodale's Vegetabele Gardener by Fern Marshall Bradley


I'm a freelance botanical and natural history illustrator drawing and painting plants, animals, composite landscapes, and diagrams for publishers, environemtal bodies, charities, and private individuals. I work in watercolor, pen & ink, and pencil. I've recently completed work on several field guides for the Field Studies Council (FSC) in the UK, and for "Life on Our Planet" by David Attenborough and for "The Tree Forager" by Adele Nozedar. I am currently working on illustrations for a guide to the wood ants of the UK. I exhibit from time to time, and also have a large data-base of my completed illustrations which are available for re-use by clients. Please see my web site link for examples of my work.


Black & White, Color, Line, Line with Color


Allergy / Immunology, Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Disease Management, Entomology, General Medicine, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Ornithology, Portraits, Veterinary Medicine, Zoology, Health & Wellness, Pathology