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Cover art for journal issue on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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The assignment was to create cover art that incorporated different factors that could result in PTSD, as discussed in the manuscript. Photographs I had taken were combined and edited in Photoshop with public domain images. I.e. The child was photographed in his father's arms and then placed into a photo taken of the fireman, and the background added. Once the composite was approved, outlines, shadows, and highlights were added to create the final effect.

© Jonathan Dimes

AMI #28

Page 95

Jonathan Dimes

medical illustration of Cover art for the American Family Physician journal on posttraumatic stress disorder showing a fireman speaking with a doctor. Various traumatizing situations such as a fireman rescuing a child, a soldier in battle, and a hurricane are also depicted.
medical illustration of Sagittal-section of the eye showing the retinal layers and cells, optic nerve, and ocular muscles.
medical illustration of Lightening is when the baby settles, or drops lower into the mother's pelvis. The left image shows how prior to lightening there is upward pressure on the mother's abdominal and thoracic organs.  After lightening the pressure turns downward onto the bladder.
medical illustration of Shows the flow of blood through the aorta and into the dissecting aneurysm (false lumen).  Vascular grafts are used in repair.
medical illustration of Cover art for FP Essentials journal on intimate partner violence showing a husband being verbally abusive to his spouse as two small children watch in fear.  HITS acronym for identifying abuse is shown in the background.
medical illustration of Cover art for AAFP American Family Physician Journal.  The topic is Croup and cover shows a father holding his daughter while a doctor is using a stethoscope to auscultate the child.  Inset of head and neck with glottic narrowing.  Other structures include Parainfluenza viruses,
a bottle of oral Dexamethasone and a child’s dispenser. Pulse oximetry also shown.
medical illustration of Labiobuccal view of upper and lower permanent teeth.  Incisors, canines, premolars and molars.
medical illustration of Procedure for repairing a cleft palate.
medical illustration of Anterior view showing the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, duodenum, diaphragm, partial stomach, aorta and vena cava.
medical illustration of Cover Art for AAFP's FP Essentials journal.  Topic: Adverse Affects of Common Drugs.  Elderly woman in pain is holding bottles of prescription medicine while grasping her arm. In the background we see a baby and a open medicine cabinet.  At bottom left are flowers from which holistic medicine is created.
medical illustration of Cover art of the American Family Physician Journal, topic of Evaluation and Treatment of the Acutely Injured Worker.  In foreground a physician is speaking with a patient.  Other images include a nurse with back pain,a construction worker with a leg injury, and the same construction work later with crutches.  A work injury claim form is also visible.
medical illustration of Molecular illustration of Linolenic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid.
medical illustration of Computer tomography scanning projections. Sagittal (top), Transverse (bottom)
medical illustration of Anterolateral view of the brain with section of thew left cerebrum removed to show the crebellum, pons, brainstem, gray and white matter, corpus callosum, hypophysis (pituitary gland), fornix and other deep structures.
medical illustration of Cover Art for AAFP's FP Essentials journal.  Topic: Psychotic and Bipolar Disorders. Young woman with credit card online shopping while in a state of mania.  Below she is depressed looking at the bills she must pay. Above right is a cell membrane containing a DRD4 receptor that the dopamine cannot reach because of the ADP. Other drugs shown are lithium carbonate, clozapine, and valproic acid.
medical illustration of Cover art for American Family Physician Journal, topic Depression. Man in foreground is depressed.  In background is a chart showing adverse effects of antidepression drugs.
medical illustration of Procedure for collecting a midstream urine specimen from a female. Vagina and urethral opening shown.
medical illustration of Image of a typical cell sectioned to show various structures including the nucleus, Lysosomes, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, centrioles, and microvillae
medical illustration of Anterolateral view of the nose showing the nasal and alar cartilages and surrounding structures including the orbit, maxilla, nasal, and frontal bones.
medical illustration of Cover Art for AAFP's FP Essentials journal.  Topic: Care of Patients in the End of Life.  An elderly woman sits in a chair reading a book. Her breathing is aided via an oxygen cannula and tank.  In the background are a living will and a power of attorney document.  In the foreground are various drugs including Senna, a laxative, and a morphine vial with syringe.
medical illustration of Cover art for American Family Physician Journal, topic Insomnia. Young woman drinking coffee having trouble staying awake at her laptop. In background are foods than can cause insomnia.  We also see the woman meditating, and a hand turns off a lamp.  Also in background is an example of a sleep diary.
medical illustration of Image of a tick
medical illustration of EkoSonic thrombolysis system. (Top) Microtransducers within the infusion catheter. (Bottom) The catheter assembly placed through the thrombosis.
medical illustration of Anterior view of a male showing the skeleton.  Skull, vertebral spine, ribcage, and sacrum are shown in yellow.
medical illustration of Cover art for AAFP's FP Essentials Journal on upper respiratory conditions.  Topics illustrated include a woman suffering from rhinosinusitus, a girl with otitis media, and a baseball player at risk of oral cancer because of smokeless tobacco use.
medical illustration of Cover art for American Family Physician journal, topic: Sleep Apnea.  The illustration shows three different kinds of CPAP devices. A man and woman are sleeping in the foreground  and man is using a full-face CPAP device for his sleep apnea problem.  In the background is another man with a nasal pillow CPAP device illustrating how it works. The third one is nasal style device.
medical illustration of Simple diagram showing the contraction of the biceps muscle showing how the muscle shortens during a curl exercise with a barbell.
medical illustration of Lower eyelid being pulled down revealing multiple tiny vessels in the sclera of the eye.
medical illustration of Various yoga poses including gate, warrior, resolved triangle, tree, and down dog poses.
medical illustration of Ventral view of the right arm showing the various arteries leading from the neck to the fingers including the subclavian, axillary,brachial, radial, ulnar, and digital arteries.
medical illustration of Cover art for American Family Physician journal, topic: Autism
medical illustration of Anterior view of a white male illustrating the major veins of the body including the superior and inferior vena cava, femoral, and basilic veins.  Also shown is the heart, liver, stomach, spleen, and colon.
medical illustration of Anterior view of the lower limb showing two types of lymphatic malformations, microcystic (top) and macrocystic (bottom)
medical illustration of Technique for repairing a fracture of the mandible.
medical illustration of Illustration showing the transcription process of protein synthesis involving DNA and mRNA.
medical illustration of Cover art for AAFP's American Family Physician Journal on Evaluation of Nausea and Vomiting in Adults: A case based history. Female in foreground is suffering from abdominal distress.  Other images/topics include intussusception, rehydration medication, gloved hand holding a test tube of blood, and a scan of a gallstone.
medical illustration of Type I endoleak involving the attachments sites of an endograft to a native artery.
medical illustration of Location and sequence of percussing and auscultating of the anterior and posterior chest
medical illustration of Graphic showing three cogs representing From knowing to being: critical thinking in the process of nursing
medical illustration of The third step in testing for the presence of contracted neck muscles.
medical illustration of Cover art for American Family Physician journal, topic: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. A man is using an elliptical machine while an elderly woman lifts hand weights.  Between them are examples of healthy fruit, vegetables, and fish.
medical illustration of Schematic of the In-vitro-fertilization technique showing the uterus, fertilized ova, unfertilized egg and sperm.
medical illustration of In dual-source CT approach for dual energy technique separate X-ray tubes are operated at different kVp levels, allowing simultaneous dual-energy data acquisition.
medical illustration of Illustration showing the physiology involved in muscle contraction and relaxation.  Structures include a motor neuron, muscle fiber with microfilaments and sarcomeres, T-tubule, and a synaptic cleft.
medical illustration of Maxillofacial reconstruction involving flaps from the temporal and masseter muscles.
medical illustration of Cover art for journal includes kidney with color banding showing staging, GFR Calculator, gloved hand holding urine cup, microscopic image of blood in urine, test tube containing blood with ‘CBC’ on the label
medical illustration of Procedure for closed reduction of a supraondylar humerus fracture involving forearm pronation and force on olecranon.  Inset shows fracture closed.
medical illustration of Image of an isolated nephron showing the renal vessels and capillaries, glomerulus, Bowman's capsule, collecting tubule, afferernt and efferent arerioles, and Loop of Henle.
medical illustration of Simplified graphics of various body parts used as identifying logos for each chapter.
medical illustration of Effects of endurance training on blood volume, plasma volume, and hematocrit.


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