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Distillation Process Animation 

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Clubfoot Lateral View

Next medical illustration of This illustration of a bison skull is part of a collection for a morphology study and information page.  This page is focusing on bones that can be used to identify species and age of ancient bison.

This illustration was created in Adobe Illustrator using lines and stippling to create a black and white drawing.

Paleoart, scientific, Adobe Illustrator, morphology, study, comparison, anatomy, skeleton, skeletal anatomy, research

B. bison Skull

Animation showing a distillation process used by VerdiLife, LLC. 2D illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator and the animation was created in Adobe After Effects. Original has a voice over that was edited in Adobe Audition. A mechanical process, engineering, concept animation, branding, marketing, startup, start-up, competition

Keywords: Animation, Color, Information Graphics, Advertising / Marketing, Technology, Web

Assata C Worrell