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Deborah Kopka

Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolis) 

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Turban Squash (Cucurbita maxima)

medical illustration of Watercolor, pastel, and pen and ink, 15
Next medical illustration of Pen and Ink, 12 x 18
Animals, Annual, Autumn botanical, Birds, Botanical art, Botanical illustration, Education, Fall botanical, Field guide, Gardening, Lifestyle magazine, Newspaper editorial, Pen and ink, Realism, Seeds, Songbirds, Stock, Textbook illustration

Sunflower Seed Head and Song Sparrow

Watercolor, pastel, and pen and ink, 15" x 20" Botanical art, Botanical illustration, Butterfly, Education, Field guide, Floral, Flowers, Foliage, Four-color, Gardening, Horticulture, Leaf, Leaf Shape, Lifestyle magazine, Monarch butterfly, Newspaper editorial, Painting, Pastel, Pen and ink, Perennial, Planting, Realism, Textbook illustration, Watercolor, White flowers

Keywords: Color, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Publishing, Stock, Botany, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature

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