Helix Animation

MOA: Animal Gut Health & Performance 

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Marketing Agency CG Demo

Next medical animation of A complete (from idea to screen) 3D visualization solution that grasps the attention and brings closer the Non-Coding RNAs’ therapeutic potential and NextRNA’s innovative solutions to potential investors, field experts and the broader scientific public.

Non-Coding RNAs & NextRNA Solutions

An easy to understand and compelling 3D MOA animation on the challenge that the livestock and poultry industry is facing due to intestinal diseases. Creating a compelling animal health animation is always a joy. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Biofeed Technology, an innovative company in the Animal Health & Nutrition sector.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Multimedia, Product Demonstration, Cell biology / Histology, Gastroenterology, Natural Science / Nature, Veterinary Medicine, Mechanism of Action (MOA)