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Dynamic Instability in Microtubules 

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Self-assembling nanopartice with RNA

Next medical illustration of Environment, wayside, signage, diagram, textbook, exhibit, mural, food web, nature, environmental design, museum, zoo, aquarium, education, public outreach, animals, plants, ecology, scientist, ecologist, biologist, science expert, technical, display, donors, communication, corporate, non-profit, explainer graphic, entomology

Butterfly evolution and Speciation

Short explainer 3D-animation showcasing the dynamic processes that occur during microtubule polymerization. The rendering technique is non-photo realistic to achieve a comic-book or illustration-like look. biotech, biochemistry, biophysics, protein strucure, cell structure, start-up, academic, researcher, university, press release, public affairs, communications, education, documentary, film

Keywords: Animation, Line with Color, 3D, Editorial, Education, Web, Research, Biology, Molecular Biology

Dr. Christoph Kuehne