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Gerrity | Connolly Chicago Medical Graphics

Spinal Fusion by ZynFusion 

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Black Pregnancy Illustrations 40 week fetal images

Next medical animation of This animation includes snippets from some of the many films and medical illustrations I have created for pregnant mothers and their healthcare providers.  For custom medical animations and illustrations, or to lease some of my existing work, please visit  ( pregnant pregnancy fetus foetal baby gestation embryo embryology embryonic childbirth fetal foetus animation medical illustration )

Pregnancy Animation Demo

Highlighting the novel, minimally-invasive spinal fusion technique pioneered by ZynFusion. Components are built from a Nitinol alloy that bends at body temperature, offering seamless delivery. The minimally-invasive mechanism results in a greater range of motion and shortened recovery time. surgery, spine, nerve, medTech

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Multimedia, Product Demonstration, Interactive, Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine

Melanie Connolly