New Injection Strategy 

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Eye with Cataract

Next medical illustration of Determining location for medicine injection into abdominal wall, prior to ventral hernia repair; Shows a color-coded injection zone. Pharmacology, Surgical technique, injection; ventral hernia; incisional hernia; abdominal wall; ultrasound; Anterior axillary line, midaxillary line, diaphragm, costal margin

Abdominal Wall Injection Sites

Cross-section of eye showing implant needle oriented perpendicular to the globe; New strategy is to rotate the angle parallel across the pars plana. Keywords: Eye Surgery; ophthalmic surgery; eye implant; diabetic macular edema treatment; macular edema; pharmacology; retina;

Keywords: Animation, Professional Education, Anatomy, Biotechnology, Disease Management, Medical Devices, Ophthalmology, Pharmacology, Mechanism of Action (MOA), Pathology

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