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Inari: The Seed Revolution 

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TriSalus: SD-101 and SmartValve Technology

Next medical animation of Sana is developing novel platforms to address unmet medical needs across a spectrum of diseases by overcoming immune rejection from transplanting “non-self” cells. This one-minute overview animation introduces the possibilities of the Hypoimmune Technology Platform and the primary process involved in creating it. This bright and engaging animation is cohesive with Sana's brand while elevating its visual aesthetic including custom 3D scenes and design elements.

Sana: Hypoimmune MOA

Inari is a tech-driven company that is reintroducing nature’s genetic diversity and working to address some of today’s significant challenges in agriculture, including climate change. Inari wanted a video that conveyed innovation and impact for the next-gen of ag-tech with the environment in mind. This live footage + 3D animated video introduces Inari’s vision for a tech-driven seed revolution: focusing on environmental harmony, efficiency, and precision that starts from the ground up.

Keywords: Animation, Information Graphics, 3D, Live Action Video, Editorial, Biotechnology, Botany, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Mechanism of Action (MOA)

Inari Agriculture