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Arkitek Scientific

medical animation of A stylized visualization of the formation of organs, tissues and systems within a developing zebrafish.
medical animation of An explanation of the factors that influence the onset of rheumatoid arthritis. Created for Nature Reviews Immunology and Nature Reviews Rheumatology.
medical animation of How cancer cells utilize the body's resources as compared to normal, healthy cells. Created for Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.
medical animation of The role of the STAT3 protein in the formation of cancer is explored in this animation.
medical animation of Arkitek created this introductory animation for the re-launch of the Energy Today journal, published by DeGruyter.
medical animation of This was created for Nature Immunology on the immunology of the skin.
medical animation of Arkitek created this short descriptive animation introducing Innonix' new RespoKare anti-pollution mask for the Chinese and Indian markets.
medical animation of This animation describes the various strata within the epidermis of the skin, how it functions under normal conditions, as well as what happens when the skin barrier is disrupted. Using Unifarco Biomedical's novel therapeutic delivery method, essential lipids are re-introduced into the layers of the skin, repairing the supporting matrix as well as generating new lipid production from the lower layers.
medical animation of The holy grail in sequencing DNA encompasses two things: speed and accuracy. With Stratos Genomics' method, which uses reporters sandwiched between bases, extreme accuracy can be achieved, since reporter to base is a 1:1 ratio. The DNA chain, once unwound, is read through nanopores at high speed.
medical animation of This animation introduces the cells and immunological processes within the lungs, and the underlying the initiation and pathogenesis of asthma. Created for Nature Immunology.
medical animation of Excellular vesicles are small areas of cellular membranes that bud inwardly or outwardly, often carrying cargo from one cell to another. Research is only now beginning to understand how these little packets of information allow cells to talk to one another. Created for the ISEV's 2018 annual conference.
medical illustration of Membrane protein nestled within the lipid bilayer.
medical animation of This revised animation of the popular RNAi animation builds on the original version we did for Nature in 2004. Dr. Craig Mello, awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2006 for his work on RNA interference, consulted on this project.
medical animation of Arkitek Scientific created another in a series about immunology for Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. This animation describes the mechanisms underlying psoriasis, and how the body's immunological arsenal is turned on itself, creating the scaly patches on the skin that are the hallmarks of this disease.
medical illustration of In house artwork
medical animation of SWATH is a novel technology developed by Sciex Corporation, that allows the acquisition of ALL mass spec data within a specified range.
medical animation of The Allen Brain Institute asked us to create several animations for their TED talk on their groundbreaking research into how the brain works.
medical animation of Nature commissioned us to created this animation on the role of the gut mucosa in immunology.


I get to marry two of my passions through this company - science and art. I come from a family steeped in the life sciences, but opted to follow the art path, with a twist. The road to the present has been circuitous. Eighteen years ago, I decided to start Arkitek Studios, a visual communications design group specializing in content development for the science, technology and education communities. Before Arkitek I spent 3 years at Large Scale Biology Corporation helping to design and construct biotech instrumentation (Iso-DaltTM 2-D electrophoresis platform used in the separation and identification of proteins, as well as PCOS, a high volume centrifuge-based production oligonucleotide synthesizer system). During that time, I helped design instrumentation, managed production budgets, supplied machinists with AutoCAD drawings, assembled finished parts, wired electrical systems, and tested and shipped the assembled machines. I trained classically in piano and ballet, then left for Stuttgart at 16 on a dance scholarship, danced professionally in NYC, Denver and Mexico City for the next 8 years, and afterwards spent (or misspent, depending on how you look at it) 12 years as a working musician in a number of bands in LA, the Pacific Northwest and Thailand. I'm getting to the point in my life where I'm realizing that no matter how bizarre, nothing I've learned has been completely useless. Bits and pieces of everything I've been exposed to show up, or influence what I do now. Proving, at least to me, that a patchwork of experiences in life can add up to something interesting. Specialties: I'm a bridge between disparate groups. Translation of complex science and technological information to a wide variety of audiences. The usual 2D and 3D software for this industry (Max, ZBrush, Unity, UnReal, Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects, etc). Music composition, recording, producing. Pretty fair hand with a hydrogen-oxygen torch... Budding sportbike afficionado.


Animation, Color, 3D, VR/Virtual Reality


Allergy / Immunology, Anatomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Cell biology / Histology, Dermatology, Disease Management, Embryology, Gastroenterology, Genetics, Medical Devices, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Respiratory, Oncology, Health & Wellness