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medical animation of We are pleased to present our latest gastroenterology showreel. This detailed 3D animation blends scientific accuracy with artistic creativity, showcasing our expertise in translating complex medical concepts into engaging and informative animations.
medical animation of We created an animation for G.Clips to show how protein conformation changes under the influence of drug, antibody, and vaccine candidates and how G.CLIPS technology and the G.Screen platform allow to stabilize and purify membrane proteins.
You can view the entire case study here:
medical illustration of We created an MOA video on the principle of proprietary technology by Breye.
This 3D animation demonstrates the drug’s mechanism of action and the pathology treatment process.

You can find out the result of our work by viewing the full case study:
medical illustration of We are pleased to share with you a 3D animation we created for Xeris Pharmaceuticals, illustrating the technology behind creating a highly stable injectable formulation.

The detailed animation highlights the key advantages of XeriJect Technology. Using 3D models, we demonstrate the entire production process of developing ready-to-use formulations.

You can view the entire case study here:
medical animation of This showreel is a selection of some of our cardiology medical animation work produced over the last few years. Nanobot Studio has all necessary production departments available in-house including medical experts. This makes us #1 choice for medical animation production.
medical animation of Our Showreel is dedicated to orthopedics, trauma, spinalcordinjury, jointpain, etc. Nanobot Medical creates compelling visualizations of manifold orthopedic treatments and surgical, spinal devices using medical animation.
medical animation of Nanobot Medical cosmetology aesthetics reel. Dermatology animation which focuses on the skin, and the treatment of skin diseases and skin disorders.
We can help assist with all of your medical device marketing needs for your cosmetic products such as injections, noninvasive devices, plastic surgery video animations, and much more.
medical animation of 2D animation is a great way to introduce an idea or a product.
medical animation of We’re are glad to share our 2021 first half-year highlights in the new US Reel.
We’ve been boosting our clients’ businesses in pharma, biotech and medical device spheres with medical animation, 3D animation, VR, AR, XR apps.
medical animation of Delve into the magical world of scientific storytelling with the new Nanobot Showreel - a summary of our recent shareable medical animation projects. Whether it is the nature of a virus, a new drug mechanism of action, or complex molecular and cellular processes that need to be illustrated - more than a decade of expertise makes it possible for us to visualize any idea.
medical animation of Nanobot Medical is an award-winning scientific storytelling company that values our clients’ time and money. We transform complex life science and medical product-related concepts into medically accurate, easy-to-understand, focused visual media. Every work of ours is the outcome of our 12+ year experience.
medical animation of You can watch detailed information about this animation on our webpage
medical animation of Visit our website:
medical animation of Visit our website:
medical animation of Enjoy our projects in virtual reality.
Use your phone to watch the video in 360 or use VR glasses.
medical animation of We would be grateful for your acknowledgment of our work.
medical animation of In this reel, we showcase our range of services for biotech companies that are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our services include Brand guidelines, pitchdeck & investor deck, 3D Animation & Illustration, 2D Animation & Illustration, Consulting, Web-development, Outreach & Appointment setting, and Social media support, all of which are delivered by our team of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience.
medical animation of Our showreel is a celebration of the incredible work we've accomplished over the past year, showcasing our expertise in translating complex medical concepts into engaging and informative animations. Prepare to be captivated by the artistry, scientific precision, and visual storytelling that brings the wonders of medicine and healthcare to life.
medical animation of We present our neurology showreel, highlighting our animation works dedicated to this fascinating field. Witness how our animations seamlessly blend scientific accuracy with artistic creativity, bringing to life concepts such as neuroanatomy, brain functions, neurological disorders, and therapeutic interventions.
medical animation of Fluosphera is a non-animal systemic alternative for drug discovery. We’ve created a video, pitch deck and a new logo
medical animation of Cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases of the brain can manifest themselves with a number of neurological symptoms. Neurotrophins play a special role in correcting the course of such diseases; they support the viability of neurons
medical animation of We've depicted a novel approach to nanomechanical gene delivery that can disrupt the current limitations of viral and non-viral gene delivery. This breakthrough could facilitate better scalability and more cost-effective production of cell and gene therapies.
medical illustration of 3D model of neural network
medical animation of Delve into the magical world of scientific storytelling with the new Nanobot Showreel - a summary of our recent shareable medical animation projects. 

You can find numerous case studies and client reviews on our website
medical animation of Nanobot Medical transforms complex life science and medical product-related concepts into medically accurate, easy-to-understand, focused visual media. We work with you to determine key priorities, content outlines, creative brainstorming, terms, and fees to make sure you meet your goals within your budget.

Our digital solutions are focused on:
•Medical device
•Surgical procedures
•Mechanism of action
medical animation of In this video, we have conveyed these interesting and unique processes of neuronal exposure to THC.
medical illustration of Bone grafts may require the use of an overlying membrane that provides a barrier between bone and gingival tissue to enable an unimpeded formation of new bone.
medical illustration of 3D bloodstream model
medical animation of Mitochondria, the so-called
medical illustration of Artistic representation of the heart
medical illustration of Animation, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Education, Web, General Medicine, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Sports Medicine
medical illustration of Bone tissue zoom detailed
medical illustration of Tumor and T-Cells
medical animation of The new gold standard in electroceuticals by Endonovo - Mechanism of Action video.
Created for Endonovo Therapeutics by Nanobot Medical.
medical animation of About Nanobotmedical Inc.
medical animation of 3D, Video, Microscopy, Multimedia, Technology, Anatomy, Biology, Cell biology / Histology
medical illustration of Artistic representation of molecules
medical illustration of Muscle Fiber
medical illustration of Medical Virtual Reality
medical illustration of Neurons
medical illustration of Digital art
medical illustration of Cell cut
medical illustration of Rabeprazole molecule
medical illustration of MoA rabeprazole
medical illustration of Reductase
medical illustration of Statin MoA
medical illustration of Heart Vessels
medical illustration of Tumor angiogenesis
medical animation of Human antibody (IgG) in adhesion with the Il-17 molecules
medical illustration of Human Ovum
medical illustration of Epithelial cells
medical illustration of Fertile Ovum
medical illustration of Il-17 and cell
medical illustration of Gut vascularization
medical illustration of The respiratory system is one of the favorites of our production team. Thus, visualizing the pulmonary alveoli was an excellent opportunity to show their masterpiece. We hope you enjoy this fragment.
medical animation of A migraine is a common multifactorial illness characterized by recurrent unilateral headaches. In certain scenarios, it is linked with aura – optical or sensorial manifestations that emerge ahead of the pain, sometimes during the pain attack or later.
medical animation of Another challenge for our Medical Animation Studio was to create a detailed overview of the inner compartment of the mitochondrion, where the Krebs cycle occurs. This is a glimpse of the original animation.
medical animation of Nowadays, one of the most widespread diseases is cancer. Creation of new antitumor medications has been so far a significant trend in the pharmacological industry. That’s why we created this stunning animation picturing the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its receptors that are taking part in the vascularization of a malignant process and are the primary targets of some anticancer drugs.


We develop innovative digital graphics by blending science and art of high technologies. Our company has been delivering visually engaging digital solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech industries to put a tech twist on their marketing and educational strategies since 2007. Our mission statement is to communicate science to the general audience by combining compelling graphics with authentic storytelling. We transform dry medical information into digital content that captures the attention of even the savviest consumers.


Animation, Color, Design, 3D, Models, Video, Live Action Video, Microscopy, Voiceovers/Narration, VR/Virtual Reality


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