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MVA with significant C6-7 injury

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Client was involved in a motor vehicle accident. MRI imaging revealed significant fractures with anterior translation of C6 upon C7; traumatic dural laceration at C5 with indriven bone fragment contacting the thecal sac and spinal cord. Client underwent C4-T2 posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation.

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medical illustration of Pre Op X-Ray of Bimalleolar Fracture, ankle fracture
medical illustration of Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Right Bimalleolar Ankle Fracture
medical illustration of Post Op X-Rays of Ankle Fracture Hardware
medical illustration of Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Ulnar Fracture with Hardware, Arm Fracture Surgery
medical illustration of Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty, Shoulder Surgery
medical illustration of Cranioplasty with Bone Flap, Brain surgery
medical illustration of Arm Laceration, Colorized MRI of Arm with Laceration
medical illustration of CT Scans of Brain showing multiple brain bleeds and multiple skull fractures; edema (oedema) and brain infarcts
medical illustration of CT Scan of the brain showing subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhages, multiple brain bleeds
medical illustration of Colorized Post Op X-Rays of Cervical Spine with Hardware
medical illustration of Pre Op X-Ray of Cervical Spine with Anterolisthesis, dislocation, and fracture
medical illustration of Diagram showing the cutaneous innervation of the hand, the ulnar nerve, median nerve, and radial nerve.
medical illustration of Hemiarthroplasty with insertion of shoulder hardware, humeral stem and humeral head component
medical illustration of Decompressive hemicraniectomy for traumatic brain injury and subdural fluid collection
medical illustration of Renal Ultrasound showing diffusely hyperechoic kidneys with poor corticomedullary differentiation and hyperechogenicity. Medical renal disease
medical illustration of Pre Op MRIs of cervical spine showing cervical fracture and vertebral translation
medical illustration of Pre Op MRIs of Lumbar Spine Injury showing fracture fragment and translation of vertebrae
medical illustration of Post Op X-Rays of the wrist with hardware
medical illustration of Pre Op X-Rays of Elbow Injury with comminuted fracture of the humerus and olecranon
medical illustration of Multiple displaced and non displaced fracture injuries to the rib cage, reconstructed from CT scan findings,
medical illustration of Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Rib Fractures with plate and screws
medical illustration of Skin diagram showing the normal skin anatomy vs necrotizing cellulitis and necrotizing fasciitis
medical illustration of Posterior Instrumentation Spinal Fusion with dura laceration repair
medical illustration of Posterior Instrumentation Spinal Fusion with dural laceration repair
medical illustration of Posterolateral and Facet Joint Fusion with hardware and autograft
medical illustration of Post Op X-Rays of the thoracic spine fixation with hardware
medical illustration of Post Op X-Rays of the elbow with hardware migration and movement
medical illustration of Pre Op MRI of thoracic spine showing transverse fracture of the vertebra endplate and edema (oedema)
medical illustration of Pre Op X-Rays of Wrist showing comminuted traumatic fracture of the radius and ulnar styloid fracture
medical illustration of Healthy Kidney  and renal collecting tubules diagram vs acute kidney injury and inflammation
medical animation of Accident animation involving uncapped rebar at a job site. Client fell on to the uncapped rebar, causing significant internal injuries, spinal cord injury, and paraplegia.
medical animation of Medical Malpractice animation showing tibial non-union from previous surgery.  Animation shows revision surgery with new tibia plating, hardware, autogenous bone graft, and Calstrux and resultant foreign body pulmonary embolization
medical animation of Animation was created for a hospital risk management defense (defence) firm. A child was thought to have sustained injuries at the time of birth that were claimed to be due to hospital staff's negligence. The animation helped to depict the injuries and coincided with expert witness testimony to the contrary.
medical animation of Animation was created for a defense (defence) firm. This is an interactive presentation tool that the attorney, or exhibit director, would use at mediation, trial to demonstrate what obstacles and road signs were present during a cycling trip to the park.
medical animation of Medical animation for a radiology group showing a kyphoplasty, a non spinal compression fracture
medical animation of Severe right eye injuries and traumatic brain injuries sustained from faulty chain link.
medical animation of Animation shows what happens to the brain when an accident occurs. Even though a helmet is worn, the brain still moves within the cranium causing injury.


Our team of digital artists has over twenty-five years of combined experience working with attorneys, expert witnesses, paralegals, legal nurse consultants, and medical professionals. We work with you to create stunning visuals that help win court cases. At Visuals for Law, we are committed to personal service and building a lifelong relationship with you and your firm. We are here for you when you need us. John Le Baron, CEO and forensic animator, earned his degree in Computer Animation from Full Sail University then began his career animating television commercials. In 2006, he began work as a forensic animator in the legal exhibit field. He has worked closely with attorneys, engineer experts and medical experts on several multi-million dollar cases. He has experience creating hundreds of exhibits, for both plaintiff and defense. His work has been a part of a case featured on the television show 60 Minutes, featured on, and in Fortune Small Business magazine. He has also published an article about animation in the courtroom for the FORUM, a California legal publication. John has experience working in many industries such as entertainment, advertising, medical science, to aerospace and defense. Adding to his expertise as a Forensic Animator. Jill Scott, CCO and medical illustrator/animator, summa cum laude graduate of the medical illustration program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Shortly after receiving her BFA, she attended the University at Buffalo and received her Master’s degree in Anatomical Sciences. Since then, she has worked in the medical legal exhibit field, creating dynamic, anatomically accurate medical illustrations and medical animations for trial attorneys. She has worked with hundreds of attorneys and created exhibits for numerous high-profile multi-million dollar cases. She has a broad field of experience determining the most compelling and beneficial exhibits to help you be a more effective advocate for your client. Karla Fallas earned her Master's degree in business administration with an emphasis on top management and marketing. Prior to her Master’s, she earned her Bachelor’s in nutrition. Since then, she has worked in the medical and health care field as a project manager and product sales representative for companies such as Abbott and Nestlé. She has worked with hundreds of medical professionals and built strong relationships as a person of integrity with deep knowledge about the company and products she represents. Karla’s experience determining best solutions for her clients is why she’s an integral part of helping you and your client’s case.


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