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Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals

Expert Lung Care

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RB&HH provide specialist care in treating lung cancer. I illustrated the cover of the new edition of their magazine, Case Notes, which focuses on their specialist teams and techniques to treatment.

Beth Goody
medical illustration of Expert Lung Care created for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals magazine, Case Notes. Specialist, healthcare, scientists, cancer, scan, surgery, research, organ, doctors, cell, lab
medical illustration of 'Our Covid-19 Response', created for the cover of Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals magazine, Case Notes. Stethoscope, Covid-19, pandemic, shielding, patient care, doctors, hospital, specialist care.
medical illustration of 'Should Older Patients be Screened Before an Endurance Event?' Created for the cover of Case Notes magazine. Endurance, screening, heartbeat, heart rate, marathon, running, exercise, fitness, heart, age, test, health check.
medical illustration of Covid-19, pandemic, Coronavirus, Mouth, Graphic Design, Poster, infectious, infection, transmittable, conceptual.
medical illustration of 'Remote Health Care', created for the cover of Case Notes magazine. Mobile, home, pandemic, coronavirus, Covid-19, technology, app, phone, doctor, medical, fitness, smart watch, health, cloud, wifi, medication, prescription.
medical illustration of An editorial created for British Airways on the benefits of getting more sleep and 'recharging'. Editorial, sleep, conceptual, battery, vector, flat colour, room, recharge, technology, business, isometric.
medical illustration of An illustration created for Chemistry World magazine about the difficulties encountered by scientists to find a cure for Coronavirus. Maze, editorial, scientist, science, medical, treatment, cure, vaccine, red, coronavirus, Covid 19, pandemic, digital.


As a conceptual illustrator, Beth's work is primarily about solving problems. She creates one-of-a-kind illustrations that express an understandable concept in a bold and exciting way. She has a degree in Illustration and a natural flair for graphic design, which strongly influences her work and minimal approach. Her field of work spreads from editorial and book illustration to commercial and advertising illustration, having produced work for clients around the world. Selected Clients: British Heart Foundation / Royal Society of Chemistry / Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals / Google Fiber / Slack / Absolut Vodka / National Geographic / British Airways / Harvard Business Review / Coca Cola / Kiplinger / c2c Rail / Barclays / Amazon Audible / Prospect Magazine / Starbucks




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