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Environot Knotweed Removal

Illustrations for "Unearthing the Truth: Japanese Knotweed" by Nic Seal

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Botanical illustrations of the Japanese Knotweed plant, and several schematic diagrams of botanical processes such as transpiration and photosynthesis for this book on the biology and control of this pernicious and invasive weed. For copies of the book:

Lizzie Harper 2018

AMI #27

Page 160

medical illustration of House sparrow Passer domesticus with rosehips and foliage
medical illustration of Water meadow watercolor landscape illustration, including plant and animal species and invasive species found in this ecological habitat.  Botanical illustrations of aquatic marginal species such as buttercup yellow flag, water soldier, himalyan balsam and pollarded willow.  Animals include bat, otter, kingfisher, moorhen, crayfish, frog, peacock butterfly, perch fish, and dragonfly.
medical illustration of Natural science entomological illustration of the Common or Red headed cardinal beetle Pyrochroa serraticornis for use on an interpretation board at a newly established wildlife nature reserve.  Watercolor on paper
medical illustration of Natural history sciart ornithological illustration of the European jay.  Completed for an information board on wildlife seen at a new nature reserve in Gloucestershire. Watercolour on paper.
medical illustration of Natural history illustration of the small mammal, field vole with grass behind.  Used on an animal identification board for a new wildlife nature reserve in Britain. Watercolor on paper.
medical illustration of Illustration of the White Admiral butterfly resting on bramble, showing underside and top side of this butterfly's wings.  The blackberry plant is bearing both flowers and ripe and unripe fruit.

Completed for an information board for Norfolk County Council, UK
medical illustration of Male bullfinch on flowering cherry.  These common garden birds often visit British gardens in springtime and will peck and eat the buds off blossom trees.

Commission completed for a private client
medical illustration of Sketchbook study of the iconic springtime flower, the cowslip.  The illustration includes a habit sketch, anatomical details, dissections, written notes, and close observational studies of the flowers and leaves of the plant.

Private commission for a client.
medical illustration of This cross section of a hay meadow includes many of the wild flower and animal species found in these habitats, and includes lots of butterfly and bird species as well as small mammals such as voles and mice.

It also incorporates a cross-section showing life under the soil, with a mole burrow, insect grubs and larvae, and some comparisons of roots of plants.

Completed for BBC Countryfile Magazine, UK
medical illustration of Illustration of the Nursery Web spider with her egg sac.

This spider carries her young with her, and is a common sight in Northern European meadows and scrub land.

Completed for an information board for Norfolk County Council
medical illustration of The cover art includes several of my botanical illustrations of plants that one can forage and cook with or eat; inside there are 52 line drawings of the featured plants.  The hope is that kids can color these in once they've found and eaten that particular plant.
medical illustration of Sketchbook study of the Hazel plant showing catkins, leaves, and nuts
medical illustration of Botanical illustration of the Gentian Gentiana acaulis garden plant blue for gardening company advertising
medical illustration of Detailed natural history sciart entomology illustration of the adult male chironomid midge, larvae, and reconstruction of the fossilized 4th instar head capsule and mentum of Microseptra radialis
medical illustration of Red clover botanical sciart natural history illustration of this meadow based agriculture crop which adds nitrogen to farming soils, for an identification chart of common wayside hedgerow plants and wildflowers
medical illustration of View of nature reserve to use as a map on interpretation board and leaflets
medical animation of Lizzie Harper natural history illustrator and botanical artist shows a time-lapse film of me painting a watercolor entomological insect illustration of the seven-spot ladybird beetle coccinella septempunctata and explains some of the painting techniques I use.
medical illustration of Ornithological natural history natural science sciart illustratration of the male stonechat singing on gorse, watercolor
medical illustration of Science art entomological illustration of the irridescent beetle and natural history subject H. elegans
medical illustration of Detailed botanical illustration with anatomical details of the Magellenic bog moss showing habit,  and invididual sprig.  For use on identification chart produced by The Field Studies for Heathland ecology.
medical illustration of Botanical illustration sketchbook study natural history painting of the geranium pelargonium flower for use in
medical illustration of Natural history natural science sciart watercolur illustratration of the worker honey bee Apis mellifera.  Insect, entomology, watercolour
medical illustration of Detailed study of fall leaf in autumn, watercolor
medical illustration of Bennett's Wallaby commissioned by ZSL (Zoological Society of London) Whipsnade Zoo, UK for inclusion on an interpretaion board
medical illustration of Sketchbook study of Rose in watercolor and graphite, natural history illustration of edible flower, natural science illustration of garden plant used in
medical illustration of Botanical illustration art watercolour of Cirsium palustre marsh thistle painted natural history illustration floral realistic natural history sciart science illustration for identification i.d. chart for wild flower weed recognition
medical illustration of Botanical illustration sketchbook study of the nasturtium plant natural science art for inclusion in
medical illustration of Diagram of botanical terms used to explain different seed and fruit dispersal mechanisms; drupe, pome, silique, capsule, nut, samara, pod, achene etc; shown by apple, tomato, plum, elm, dandelion, maize, mustard, poppy, oak.  Textbook, educational, diagramatic, botany, botany terminology.
medical illustration of Series of 6 entomological illustrations of natural science odonata dragonfly and damselfly subjects for postage stamps for Jersey UK.
medical illustration of Natural history natural science illustration of the common Comma butterfly
medical illustration of Natural science illustration of a brownfield site designed to inform land owners how to manage their property to promote animal and plant diversity.
medical illustration of Ornithological natural science natural history illustration of a goldcrest bird traditional watercolour for Wildlife trust environmental NGO
medical illustration of Entomological natural history natural science sciart illustration of a dead fly found on the windowsill of the studio
medical animation of Lizzie Harper, sciart and natural history illustrator, completes a botanical illustration of the European wild strawberry, Fragaria vesca at 32x normal speed, explaining her techniques in this step by step guide.
medical illustration of Pencil illustration of variety of cucumbers done for Rodale's Vegetabele Gardener by Fern Marshall Bradley
medical animation of Botanical sketchbook Illustrations of wildflowers in timelapse, compares 5 different hotpress watercolor papers, Sciart natural science natural history
medical illustration of Emerald swallowtail butterfly entomological illustration Painted with watercolor and eye shadow!
medical illustration of Botanical illustration of the Fly agaric fungus.
medical illustration of Botanical sciart illustration of a sprig of the Western gorse showing leaves and flower. Technical natural science illustration including anatomical details on flower and leaf anatomy.  Used in a leaflet on identifying plants of heath habitats and environments.
medical illustration of Blue poison dart poison arrow frog illustrated for Wildlfowl and Wetlands Trust UK
medical illustration of Scorpion bryophyte moss S. scorpoides natural history sciart botanical illustration used for identification chart of British lower plants on heathalnd and bog environments and habitats in nature.
medical illustration of Botanical illustration of the Dandelion plant, Taxacum officianalis, Sciart Natural science watercolor
medical illustration of Landscape of ecology and plant and animal species found in an idealised river landscape in Britain; including dipper, heron, martin, fish, invertebrates; and illustrations on management techniques for the habitat.
medical illustration of Botanical natural science illustration of a russula species of fungus for interpretation board wildlife trust.
medical illustration of Seahorse pipefish Hippocampus Syngnathidae family members of this aquatic marine family natural history illustration in stippled pan and ink, scientific illustration used for London Aquarium, nature art, sciart
medical illustration of Step by step gardening botanical natural history natural science illustration of gardener dividing clump of herb chives
medical illustration of Sciart natural history natural science illustration of the red devon rare breed of cattle, completed for the Field Studies Council UK identification leaflet on species of ancient woodland environment and habitat
medical illustration of Botanical scientific illustration of grasses species for HarperCollins Flower guide to Europe by David Streeter including reeds, poacea, natural science studies of moncot species.  Watercolor
medical illustration of Garphite natural history sciart natural science illustration of the common shrew for reference book on latin names of organisms including plants, mammals, birds, micro-organisms, and invertebrates.

medical illustration of Step-by-step illustration of planting a container of garden plants for


I'm a freelance botanical and natural history illustrator drawing and painting plants, animals, composite landscapes, and diagrams for publishers, environemtal bodies, charities, and private individuals. I work in watercolor, pen & ink, and pencil. I've recently completed work on several field guides for the Field Studies Council (FSC) in the UK, and for "The Garden Forager" by Adele Nozedar and for "The Complete Naturalist" by Nick Baker. I am currently working on illustrations for a series of postage stamps, and on packaging illustrations for retail outlets. I exhibit from time to time, and also have a large data-base of my completed illustrations which are available for re-use by clients. Please see my web site link for examples of my work.


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Allergy / Immunology, Alternative Medicine, Anatomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Entomology, General Medicine, Natural History, Natural Science / Nature, Ornithology, Veterinary Medicine, Zoology, Health & Wellness