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All About the Flu

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"All About the Flu" One of about 20 Infographics I've done for WebMD this year. Topics have ranged from tick bites to clogged sweat glands. Check out the whole Infographic Portfolio here:


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Graham Studios

medical animation of A trusted provider of medical illustrations, explainers and motion graphics for pharma and healthcare professionals.
medical animation of Connect A Strategic Solutions Group guides midsized agencies in building successful Pharma and Medical Device product launches. 

They reached out to us for an eye catching graphic to introduce their new podcast interviews  with Pharma marketers and managers. After considering many graphic approaches, it was agreed that a brief animation was the best solution.
medical illustration of Easy phone access for busy nurses looking for coursework to upgrade their skills.

More and more, overworked professionals get their information over their phones during lunch, the commute, or at bedtime. We can craft your message to stand out as a quick and informative explainer for medial and pharma topics. Big pharma, hospitals, medical marketers and the Gates Foundation have trusted us to create effective motion graphics and explainers.
medical animation of Velacur is a new ultrasound imaging system for detecting liver disease that is 30 times more accurate than transient elastography.
medical animation of Animation is all about the story and simple and direct often communicates the best.
medical animation of A one minute motion graphics video to be viewed on phones for a quick and fun overview of the Supervision 180 Botox training program for nurses.
medical animation of This video describes the use of the XSTAT a new low-cost obstetrical device that stops uterine bleeding after child birth in seconds using rapidly expanding mini-sponges.  Developed by RevMedx under a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the XSTAT PPH with its low cost will enable it to be used in underdeveloped counties where medical services can be scarce.
medical animation of Selected motion graphics from a three video project describing the Mixing, Administration and Patient Management of a hormone drug used to treat some types of cancer.
medical animation of A motion graphics animation of Covid19, the corona virus, and a mask, our first line of defense against infection from the virus and a message to all my friends and colleagues.
medical animation of This animation of a living chromosome was created as a collaboration between CBS Digital and Graham Studios.
medical animation of An animation of the fill and void cycle in patients with OAB (Overactive Bladder) with Insert images of Norepinephrine stimulation and inhibition of the Hypogastric Nerve
medical animation of Explainers start in one place and take you somewhere new.  The story is the journey that gets you there.  Make it as accessible and engaging as possible.  WHAT’S YOUR STORY?
medical animation of 3D model, texturing and animation created in Maya for Invisalign sales campaign.
medical animation of Proof of concept test animation for client.
medical animation of This video shows how this self administering insulin delivery device works.  It is notable in that it is a completely mechanical device with no electronic components.
medical animation of This video, part of a series created for GA Communications, demonstrates the preparation and administering of Kuvan powder for children in the treatment of PKU.
medical animation of This animation won the 2014 Rx Club Award of Excellence for Educational Animation.  Created for GA Communications, it is one of several videos demonstrating the mechanism of action (MOA) and patient education information for Kuvan, a treatment for lowering blood Phe levels for those afflicted with PKU (phenylketonuria).
medical illustration of Winner of the 2013 Rx Club Award of Excellence for Print/Medical Devices for Miller Catheter commissioned by GA Communications.
medical illustration of Part of a TV spot for Embrel featuring Phil Mikelson.  It was used as background art in a doctor's office.
medical illustration of An editorial image of a glucose meter sampling a blood droplet for insulin testing.
medical illustration of Peeling off a protective film so that the device can be adhered to the skin
medical illustration of A presentation comp using a pile discarded drug pumps to represent overcoming the misuse of opioids and the side effects they cause.
medical illustration of This presentation comp was created for a cancer drug, an EGFR inhibitor that interrupts signaling through the epidermal growth factor in receptor target cells. The time frame was short, but we were able to cast and costume the actors, shoot and composit the image in a little over 2 weeks – including several rounds of revisions.
medical illustration of Key art for
medical illustration of Concept art illustrating how a drug lowers insulin levels.
medical illustration of Concept art for a drug that helps to locate vaginal lesions
medical illustration of Illustration of a plant and animal cell for a feel learning module.
medical illustration of I just finished a project to create a 20 illustration sequence of Explainers to show Health Care Professionals how to work with a product in sterile conditions. After showing the client a variety of graphic approaches to the task, they choose to use this simple, easily understandable vector art. I hope to soon have permission to show the actual project.
medical illustration of Part of a series of patient education images describing how to load and administer Aranesp injections in the home
medical illustration of From a series of illustrations depicting Zika virus specimen collection and shipping instructions.
medical illustration of The client's product is added to an IV drip.
medical illustration of Illustrating lactoferrin's ability to bind to iron and inhibit bacterial growth.
medical illustration of The E-Z Fill enables users refill the V-Go self injectable insulin device.  This was one of 15 patient education illustrations describing its use.
medical illustration of Internal anatomy of the kidney showing inflow and outflow of blood with inset of Nephron Anatomy.
medical illustration of
medical illustration of The mechanism of action (MOA) of breast cancer drug Neulasta which stimulates neutrophil amplification and accelerates neutrophil release into circulation.
medical illustration of Part of a series of textbook illustrations depicting the stages of childbirth.
medical illustration of Determine Test Strips are used by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control to test blood for the presence of HIV.
medical illustration of Velocity port by Allergan
medical illustration of Illustration of mitochondria for Dupont's Velista fungicide technical bulletin.
medical illustration of Internal view of the eye showing macular edema.
medical illustration of Xyotax accumulates preferentially in tumor tissue due to enhanced permeability and retention effect.
medical illustration of Impress your friends by tattooing this this anatomically correct heart penetrated by a scalpel on your favorite body part.
medical illustration of Updating
medical illustration of Illustration of the Portal System with a chirrhotic liver for Lucassin a part of the white paper,
medical illustration of Icons created for various Pharma clients.
medical illustration of An info graphic depicting the spiral of Cystic Fibrosis lung disease leading to respiratory failure.
medical illustration of Part of a series of patient education leaflets for the Nemours Foundation.
medical illustration of Anatomy of the Ear for the Web


Whether it’s producing your entire project from script to post production or a pediatric patient handout, Graham Studios can be your expert partner in visualizing complex medical and technical subject matter. His decades of experience from Hollywood to hi-tech pharma will help you to shape your story as illustration, motion graphics or 3D animation. Graham Studios works with the best pharmaceutical agencies in the business with a client roster that includes Amgen, Merck, Genentech, Astellas, Invisalign, Lilly, Procter & Gamble, WebMD, Cedars-Sinai and many others. William Graham is a past member of the Association of Medical Illustrators and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He has won Rx Club awards for illustration and motion graphics and is an Emmy nominee.


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