Medical Animation Demo Reel 

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Knee Arthroscopy Animation Overview

Next medical animation of This 3D animation briefly examines common types of brain aneurysms in cardiology. Every brain aneurysm has its own set of causes due to the structure of the brain’s arterial wall. All factors that cause blockage in arteries can cause a stroke. Ischemic stroke: blood clots break loose and travel to the arteries in the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke: weakened artery wall usually caused by high blood pressure fails or hemorrhages. Hematoma: Bleeding in the brain that damages brain cells.

Brain Aneurysm Overview Animation

Patient education is at the core of Silverback’s 3D medical animation. Our team combines experience, talent, and passion for visually simplifying body processes, illnesses, and procedures for medical clients and patients, alike. This demo reel reveals a variety of anatomy, cell biology, and medical condition snippets.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Video, Education, Patient Education, Anatomy, Biology, Cell biology / Histology, General Medicine, Respiratory

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