medical animation of Patient education is at the core of Silverback’s 3D medical animation. Our team combines experience, talent, and passion for visually simplifying body processes, illnesses, and procedures for medical clients and patients, alike. This demo reel reveals a variety of anatomy, cell biology, and medical condition snippets.
medical animation of This 3D animation briefly examines common types of brain aneurysms in cardiology. Every brain aneurysm has its own set of causes due to the structure of the brain’s arterial wall. All factors that cause blockage in arteries can cause a stroke. Ischemic stroke: blood clots break loose and travel to the arteries in the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke: weakened artery wall usually caused by high blood pressure fails or hemorrhages. Hematoma: Bleeding in the brain that damages brain cells.
medical animation of The most common type of virus that causes stomach flu (Gastroenteritis) is Norovirus. This 3D animation takes the viewer deep into the stomach to see a norovirus infection on a molecular level.
medical animation of This lung alveoli animation dives into the lungs to expose differences between a healthy, pneumonia-infected, and smoking cessation lung. A clip for what could become a patient education video, it features a 3D animated human anatomy, 3D modeled “breathing” alveoli, and informational callouts for each condition.
medical animation of Travel into the bloodstream to learn about high cholesterol. This 3D medical animation provides an overview of LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) and HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol). It shows how hyperlipidemia, or too much bad cholesterol, can become a problem as it builds up in the arteries, restricting blood flow and causing damage. It can even lead to cardiac arrest.
medical animation of This animation is geared toward sports-related injury prevention. Schutt chose Silverback to create a 3D animated video to demonstrate the F7 football helmet's innovative technology—developed with the most advanced impact absorption protection system. For nearly 100 years, Schutt is known for their innovative and protective sports equipment for athletes worldwide. Their F7 helmet is no exception. The skilled team at Silverback built a high-impact video to stand up to Schutt's reputation.
medical animation of This custom 3D animated video overview educates patients on bypass surgery on the heart, or coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG procedure). It shows viable blood vessel harvesting and demonstrates multiple bypasses (including double, triple, or quadruple bypasses) that may be required during surgery.
medical animation of From inside the pancreas this 3D medical animation summarizes common symptoms of high blood sugar, also known as hyperglycemia, that can lead to diabetes (a metabolic disease). On a cellular, molecular level, patients learn how insulin in the bloodstream can potentially cause problems, like insulin resistance.
medical animation of As a patient education video overview, Silverback applies both live action video and 3D animation to answer a range of questions about carpal tunnel syndrome. What are causes, including repeated use during sports or at the office. What are signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel? How do you treat it with and without orthopedic surgery? Also see specialty 3D modeled medical devices perform Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery and Open Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery on the wrist.
medical animation of This patient education animation introduces Knee Arthroscopy by showing small surgical tools or medical devices that can examine the knee without open surgery. Though the intent is to give patients an overview of this type of orthopedic surgery, it also defines knee anatomy for multiple applications. Rendered with a 3D model, we reveal knee anatomy: the femur, tibia, patella (kneecap), articular and meniscus cartilage, and collateral and cruciate ligaments that hold the knee together.


Silverback is a full-service animation and video production studio. Our experienced team specializes in medical animation and video for patient education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device applications. WHY SILVERBACK? Because—like an 800-pound gorilla—we do the heavy lifting when it comes to your medical video projects. We use Brains AND Brawn to integrate strategic planning AND build impactful 3D animated video content that empowers our customers and educates audiences at their level of understanding. CLARITY IS KEY: We believe in the power of accurate animated video to simplify complicated medical processes into dynamic, engaging visuals. • Set patient expectations by demonstrating a medical procedure. • Educate on processes of the body to help patients understand themselves better. • Show how medications work on a cellular level to benefit patient health. • Amplify microscopic or cellular processes. • Illustrate how doctors can use precision medical devices during surgery. The possibilities with animation are endless. VIDEO PARTNERSHIP: Partnering with Silverback is like having a collaborator to turn to for all your video needs. Every project follows our Proven Production Process to set appropriate goals and ensure that the end results meet the highest professional standards every step of the way. Our team of producers, animators, artists, videographers, and project managers have been working together for over a decade. Customers count on our expertise, professionalism, consistency, and creativity. LIVE ACTION VIDEO CAN ENHANCE ANIMATION: Unlike some other animation studios, we also specialize in live action video production. For many of our customers, a combination of live action and 3D animation services are the best way to tell the story. Patient education can benefit from this blend by helping the patient set realistic expectations through actors at the doctor’s office or at home during post-care, while also revealing the intricacies of a medical procedure by diving into a 3D modeled body. Watch the videos in our portfolio (like the “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” video) to see examples.


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