Schutt F7 Football Helmet Animation 

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High Cholesterol 3D Animation (Hyperlipidemia)

Next medical animation of This custom 3D animated video overview educates patients on bypass surgery on the heart, or coronary artery bypass grafting surgery (CABG procedure). It shows viable blood vessel harvesting and demonstrates multiple bypasses (including double, triple, or quadruple bypasses) that may be required during surgery.

Cardiovascular – Bypass Surgery Procedure

This animation is geared toward sports-related injury prevention. Schutt chose Silverback to create a 3D animated video to demonstrate the F7 football helmet's innovative technology—developed with the most advanced impact absorption protection system. For nearly 100 years, Schutt is known for their innovative and protective sports equipment for athletes worldwide. Their F7 helmet is no exception. The skilled team at Silverback built a high-impact video to stand up to Schutt's reputation.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Video, Advertising / Marketing, Technology, Product Demonstration, Medical Devices, Sports Medicine

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