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Accelerate Diagnostics - Interactive Application 

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VENTANA Virtual Explorer Application

Next medical animation of A direct companion piece for the IQ Air HealthPro Plus animation, this interactive application was designed as a fun sales tool for the client. Interaction with the product is encouraged as it explodes apart when manipulated, fully rotatable in one axis. The rotation axis was limited from a user experience point of view, as it became less enjoyable when it was harder to control. MEDICAL, INTERACTIVE, MOBILE, PRODUCT, PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION, MEDICAL MARKETING, 3D, MODELS, ANIMATION.

IQ Air HealthPro Plus Interactive Application

Showcasing the Accelerate Diagnostics medical device suite in a mobile interactive application, we were able to design this application with a clean and dynamic quality that offered an ease of use for both their medical staff customers and sales representatives alike. MEDICAL, MEDICAL DEVICE, INTERACTIVE, MOBILE, MEDICAL MARKETING, PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION, MEDICAL DEVICE TRAINING, HEALTHCARE, 3D, MODELS, ANIMATION.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Apps/Mobile, Advertising / Marketing, Product Demonstration, Professional Education, Interactive, Research, General Medicine, Medical Devices

Accelerate Diagnostics