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medical animation of Our medical demo reel showcases both our internally produced animations as well as select work from our medical illustrator on staff. Primarily animated in Maya, our reel highlights some of our publicly available projects and animations, from 3D to 2D and interactive work.
medical animation of We built the Virtual Explorer application with a simple and user-friendly design for primary use by the sales team of Ventana Medical Systems. However, the app is intuitive enough to be left with the customer for further exploration. A clean and sterile look emphasizes the machines Roche sells, while embedded high quality videos better illustrate the functions of each device. This application was designed to run across multiple platforms, including iOS, MacOS, Windows, and HTML5.
medical animation of Produced using Lightwave, this dental product animation fits within a larger video aimed at a professional dental audience. It illustrates at a high level the process and benefits of using Omnichroma composite as a way to create a seamless filling that evenly matches the patient's surrounding teeth.
medical animation of Working with Aroha Philanthropies we created “The Wall,” which emphasized the power of the arts and creativity in those over 55.  We found an innovative way to make 3D look 2D, giving us the freedom of animation with the stylistic approach of 2D. A strong use of color drives a positive message and creates more impact for the viewer.
medical animation of Produced as a part of a larger, interactive project, this video was chosen to highlight key areas of the DP200 product line. Created using Lightwave3D, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. This medical device animation is used internally as a direct sales tool, for trade shows, and within a larger interactive application.
medical animation of Part of a larger interactive application, the VENTANA Connect system was depicted with a sleek yet energetic theme. This highlighted the new communication system and network between all of the Roche Tissue Diagnostic machines. Using software such as Lightwave and After Effects, we were able to capture the communication between various devices in a typical Histology Lab setting.
medical animation of This short animation utilizes a combination of both 3D and 2D methods for Bio-Concepts Compression Garments.  We used an economic design to better highlight the measurement process of a human hand, with vibrant 2D motion graphics both scanning and taking measurements.  We also kept the focus on the measurement process by using a colorful band scanning over the hand, taking the necessary measurements.
medical animation of For Bio Concepts Compression Garments, the focus is on their Silon Tex product for scarring. We combined both 2D and 3D methods for this informative animation to connect the measurement process to the 2D documentation. We used a 3D human model, with simulated scarring and 2D illustrations and motion graphics to correspond with the documentation of the measuring process.  We also kept the scene fairly monochromatic, to more clearly instruct the user on how to use this product.
medical animation of We took a more dynamic approach to IQAir’s HealthPro Plus product demonstration, using fast and energetic camera moves combined with an exploded product view dramatically being assembled. Focusing on each component clearly showcases each marketing point of this product, highlighting each point the client wanted to touch upon.
medical animation of A direct companion piece for the IQ Air HealthPro Plus animation, this interactive application was designed as a fun sales tool for the client. Interaction with the product is encouraged as it explodes apart when manipulated, fully rotatable in one axis. The rotation axis was limited from a user experience point of view, as it became less enjoyable when it was harder to control.
medical animation of This sleek product animation elegantly displays the Accelerate Diagnostics device for testing antimicrobial susceptibility. A simple layout allowed us to not only focus upon the product, but to accentuate the fully contained process involved with this device. Created using 3D software such as Maya/Lightwave, we were able to easily show the versatility of this product for use in general medicine, with the final product used on the website, in their interactive application, and during trade shows.
medical animation of Showcasing the Accelerate Diagnostics medical device suite in a mobile interactive application, we were able to design this application with a clean and dynamic quality that offered an ease of use for both their medical staff customers and sales representatives alike.
medical animation of Incorporating both 3D and 2D elements we helped to illustrate the benefits of Philosophy’s “No Reason To Hide” serum. We helped to simplify the message using motion graphics yet connect with their audience using video and 3D models to better communicate the effects of this product upon the skin. A highly stylized depiction of anatomy was used to maintain the style while conveying the effects of the product.
medical animation of With a sleek design and elegant representation, we created the Dermaflash 3D animation to better illustrate the effectiveness of this product upon the skin. The client wished to address specific fears they had found in their audience. Using Lightwave3D and a stylistic approach, we animated the use of the product itself to show how the product interacted with the skin and hair.


Abbott Animation has a long history of creating captivating stories and targeted messages utilizing our award-winning 3D animations. Our mission is to provide the highest quality experiences across all platforms while maintaining exceptional customer service with a commitment to on time and on budget deliverability. Clients receive work that has a stunning, stylized, accurate and energy-charged look designed to provoke a deeper understanding of the topic at hand and leave a lasting impression of the desired message. With over 70 years of combined experience, including a trained medical illustrator, Abbott Animation has been satisfying local and multi-national clients since 2007. That said, we always bring a fresh, creative and friendly approach to all of our projects with a unique, custom 3D pipeline that is designed to efficiently and effectively improve production times and reduce costs without sacrificing quality.


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