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IQ Air's HealthPro Plus 

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Next medical animation of This sleek product animation elegantly displays the Accelerate Diagnostics device for testing antimicrobial susceptibility. A simple layout allowed us to not only focus upon the product, but to accentuate the fully contained process involved with this device. Created using 3D software such as Maya/Lightwave, we were able to easily show the versatility of this product for use in general medicine, with the final product used on the website, in their interactive application, and during trade shows.

Accelerate Diagnostics Animations Reel

We took a more dynamic approach to IQAir’s HealthPro Plus product demonstration, using fast and energetic camera moves combined with an exploded product view dramatically being assembled. Focusing on each component clearly showcases each marketing point of this product, highlighting each point the client wanted to touch upon. MEDICAL, MEDICAL DEVICE, ADVERSTISING, PRODUCT, PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION, HEALTHCARE, 3D, MODELS, ANIMATION.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Patient Education, Web, Product Demonstration, Allergy / Immunology, Medical Devices

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