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Philosophy - No Reason to Hide 

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The Wall

Next medical animation of With a sleek design and elegant representation, we created the Dermaflash 3D animation to better illustrate the effectiveness of this product upon the skin. The client wished to address specific fears they had found in their audience. Using Lightwave3D and a stylistic approach, we animated the use of the product itself to show how the product interacted with the skin and hair.  PRODUCT, PRODCT DEMONSTRATION, ADVERTISING, COSMETIC, ANIMATION, 3D, MODELS.

Dermaflash Luxe Device

Incorporating both 3D and 2D elements we helped to illustrate the benefits of Philosophy’s “No Reason To Hide” serum. We helped to simplify the message using motion graphics yet connect with their audience using video and 3D models to better communicate the effects of this product upon the skin. A highly stylized depiction of anatomy was used to maintain the style while conveying the effects of the product. ADVERTISING, COSMETIC, BEAUTY, MEDICAL, PRODUCT.

Keywords: Animation, Information Graphics, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Editorial, Education, Web, Product Demonstration, Anatomy, Dermatology