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Soil Health: Plant Growth, Yield, Quality 

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Reducing exposure to E. coli

Next medical illustration of 50+ images created for a Google Health initiative. We joined a team of medical illustrators, physicians, and other medical content experts to make 400 medical and health conditions, aesthetically and informationally approachable. Accompanies the 'knowledge panel' displayed in Google search results for health conditions.
We also helped lay the initial groundwork to develop the stylistic appearance, and consulted on narrative development and other supporting conceptual material.

Myocardial infarction

This video is one in a series of educational videos produced for a bio-nutrient company that focuses on sustainable plant nutrition. It introduces the basics of soil health, and is used to highlight key mechanistic advantages of the company's products and formulations in the areas of soil chemistry, soil biology, and plant physiology. The video is utilized in an educational lecture/presentational setting for sales representatives, customers, and distributors.

Keywords: Color, Information Graphics, Video, Education, Technology, Product Demonstration, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Natural Science / Nature

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