Air Optix Contact Lenses Technology Animation 

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Invictus GELShield Medical Device Animation

Next medical animation of In the sci-fi horror feature film, Splice, Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley play scientists who defy legal and ethical boundaries, splicing human and animal DNA to create a new organism. AXS Studio created the scientific animations and illustrations for props on the film set, basing our visualizations on laboratory video footage of nuclear transfer and cell division. We leveraged our knowledge of human sectional anatomy to create the creature MRI images used on set.

Splice Movie Scientific Animation

Here we demonstrate key technological features of Alcon's Air Optix Contact lenses that provide deposit protection and moisture retention, resulting in a more comfortable experience for wearers. Moving seamlessly between molecular and macro scales, we provide a scientifically-accurate depiction of the moisture retention technology, while maintaining a clear, clean, watery aesthetic, consistent with the brand.

Keywords: Animation, Color, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Product Demonstration, Medical Devices, Ophthalmology

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