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Chicken Embryo Development Scientific Animation 

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Scientific Animation for ReGenesis TV Series

Next medical illustration of This medical animation was created for consumers to inspire wonder in the fascinating biology of the human eye and all it enables us to do. It was created in support of Bausch + Lomb's contact lens marketing campaign and featured an anatomically accurate model of the human eye and animation of light refraction through the cornea, lens and vitreous.

Wonder of the Human Eye Medical Animation

Commissioned for outreach & education, this scientific animation details 21 days of chicken embryo development and adheres to the Australian national science curriculum: life cycles & comparative embryology. Informed by detailed research, 7 3D models were created to represent the chick at key stages of growth. This animation has been used widely in classrooms—a primary goal of the project. 14 million YouTube views as of September, 2020.

Keywords: Animation, Color, 3D, Education, Biology, Embryology, Natural Science / Nature, Zoology

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