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3D animation of neck pain treatment

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We created a 3D animation of a person dealing with neck pain and the way in which it is treated. The animation uses narration and a real life scenario in which to educate prospective clients to the benefits of pain clinic's specific treatment.


Anatomic Groove

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medical illustration of Patellar luxation is a common problem in dogs, that can cause problems like cartilage damage, inflammation, pain, and even ligament tears.
medical illustration of A meniscus tear is an injury to one of the bands of rubbery cartilage that act as shock absorbers for the knee.  In sports, a meniscus tear usually happens suddenly with severe pain and swelling.
medical illustration of A meniscus tear is an injury to one of the bands of rubbery cartilage that act as shock absorbers for the knee.  In sports, a meniscus tear usually happens suddenly with severe pain and swelling.
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medical animation of This immune system is very strong and develops memory Bcells and plasma cells after it recognizes covid19.
medical illustration of The viral envelope has a lipid bilayer consisting of a membrane, envelope and spike proteins. The coronavirus has shorter spike proteins on the surface called hemagglutinin (HE). Inside there is the nucleocapsid which forms when mulitple copies of the protein are made.
medical animation of Spike proteins of the coronavirus bind to B-cell by attaching themselves to surface cell receptor (the B-cell receptor).
medical illustration of Daily pill organizer
medical illustration of Daily pill organizer
medical illustration of The mRNA strand acts a template for protein synthesis. The process continues and eventually produces an amino acid chain otherwise known as protein
medical animation of The most common type of blood cells are red cells.
Anemias (or anaemias) are diseases where there is a deficiency of red blood cells that interferes with the delivery of oxygen throughout the body. Usually this is caused by low levels of iron and without iron red blood cells begin to drop in their levels of hemoglobin. Eighty four percent of the human body is composed of red blood cells.
medical animation of A microorganism,or microbe, exist in either a single-celled form or in a colony of cells.
It is microscopic and cannot be seen with the unaided human eye. Included in microorganisms are viruses, bacteria, fungi, archaea and protists. Microbes are important part of human culture and health. Microorganisms also play an important part of various industrial sectors such as the food industry, detergents, textile, biofuels, paper and so on…
medical animation of The most common causes of muscle pain are overuse, injury, or strain.
it should be treated symptomatically. Common treatments include heat, rest, paracetamol, NSAIDs and muscle relaxants
medical animation of By lying on the sofa in the same positon repeatedly, three areas of the neck are affected most by pain.
They are the the dorsal scapular nerve,the Scalenus medius muscle and the Levator scapulae muscle.
When there's repetitive pressure on a muscle, they shorten,which is called 'isotonic contraction'.This results in pulling at the muscle's origin and insertion leading to inflammatory pain.
medical animation of The Dorsal scapular nerve is entrapped by the Scalenus medius muscle to compensate for pain. This results in ischemic pain that compresses the blood vessels.
medical animation of Enzymes are macromolecular biological catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions. The molecules that act upon enzymes are called substrates, the enzyme then changes the substrates into different molecules known as products.
Coenzymes are small organic molecules that  bind to an enzyme in a tight or loose manner.
By binding to an active site of an enzyme the coenzyme helps the enzyme do the job of building up or breaking down substrates into products.
medical animation of aspirin effects are :
medical animation of Simulation of matter bursting from a shell


Anatomic Groove is dedicated to creating medical animations that amaze, inspire, and educate. Through the use of the most sophisticated and up to date means we make your vision a reality. Biomedical processes within the human body, pharmaceutical videos introducing a new product, educational and marketing videos that inform, teach and showcase what you as the client want. When it comes to 3D animation we can do it all. In terms of the team, Wynter K is the head of production and Patton N is the behind the scenes Jack of all trades. Wynter's background began with first getting her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree. After a few years of being in this field she decided that medical animation was what she wanted to do so she went back to school and studied animation. As for Patton he worked in design working on numerous movies and television shows. They came together to create a vision of doing something fun, but also something worthwhile. 


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