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Mutated RAS Signaling 

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Coagulation Factor VIII recognised by antibody

Next medical illustration of T cells are a highly heterogenic group of immune cells developed in the thymus. They are fulfilling various important function in our body. Special CD8+ T cells also known as cytotoxic cells can directly kill virus infected cells. While others play an important role in the adaptive immune response.

T cell

Ras is an important signalling integrator downstream of several receptor tyrosine kinases. It’s activity is tightly controlled in all eukaryotic cells, as it determines the rate of proliferation and differentiation. Consequently, aberrant ras activation, either too little or too much might cause severe diseases, including cancer, inflammatory and immunological disorders. In fact in a third of all human cancers one of the three RAS genes is mutated, where they act as prototypic oncogenes.

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