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Macrophages Attacking S. pneumoniae 

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IgM Antibody Simultaneously Binding CD20 and CD3

medical illustration of Macrophages attacking S. pneumoniae in pulmonary alveoli
Next medical illustration of Proposed innate immunity mechanism of action for anti-CD47 antibodies.  Blocking the 
CD47/SIRP-a “don’t eat me” signal between tumor cells and antigen-presenting phagocytic cells (APCs) results in phagocytosis of the tumor cell and cross-presentation of antigens derived from the tumor cell via MHC class I to  T cells, which then are induced to produce apoptotic factors that can kill tumor cells directly.

Innate Immunity MOA for Anti-CD47 Antibodies

Macrophages attacking S. pneumoniae in pulmonary alveoli

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