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Teloview Technology Scientific Animation 

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Drug Delivery System Medical Device Animation

Next medical illustration of The emergence of biosimilars has forced HCPs to navigate questions and misconceptions, including that biosimilars are like generic drugs. Build a Biosimilar puts players in the driver's seat to build a biologic drug that is highly similar to a reference product. By adjusting bioreactor & manufacturing settings, users see how small changes have significant structural and functional impacts on a drug product. Built for use at congress booths, iPad and Web.

Build a Biosimilar Interactive Experience

We created this scientific animation to introduce stakeholders with a wide range of scientific knowledge to telomeres and their distinct spatial profiles in health and disease, and to illustrate how the Teloview diagnostic platform detects these profiles in cells. To explain how Teloview profiling works, we developed a conceptual visualization of the cellular analysis and underlying mathematical algorithms.

Keywords: Animation, Color, 3D, Advertising / Marketing, Technology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Oncology

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