BRAF in Melanoma MOA Medical Animation 

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Multiple Myeloma MRD Medical Animation

Next medical animation of Medical animation about heart failure (HFrEF) for professional education and unmet need. For global use by Amgen Cardiovascular, Servier and Cytokinetics. Sarcomere mechanics, showing the complex steps of the actin-myosin crossbridge cycle in detail. Data-driven molecular animation. 3D scientific animation. Disease state awareness video. Cardiology. Pharmaceutical marketing. Top medical animation company, AXS Studio.

Medical Animation: Heart Failure HFrEF

Mobile-friendly mechanism of action (MOA) animation for patient education on social media. Concise, plain language script. Created an accessible visual identity for the molecules & cells. Bright, bold colors. 60 seconds for Instagram. Melanoma skin cancer MOA video. BRAF mutation. BRAF inhibitor. 3D scientific animation. Pfizer oncology. Molecular animation. Dermatology animation. Cancer metastasis. Pharmaceutical marketing. Top medical animation company, AXS Studio.

Keywords: Animation, 3D, Patient Education, Cell biology / Histology, Dermatology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Oncology

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