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Visualizing Science

medical illustration of Winds blowing from the north move surface waters offshore, driven by the earth’s west-to-east rotation (the Coriolis effect). As warmer waters move west, nutrient-rich colder waters are drawn to the surface, feeding tiny zooplankton and giant humpback whales alike. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Published in
medical illustration of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Produced for an earth science textbook for Electronic Publishing Services/McGraw Hill. Keywords: vector, earth, earth science, sea, ocean, tectonics, subduction, earthquake, magma, volcano, eruption, continental crust, continental shelf, fault, oceanic ridge, sediments, ash, climate, textbook, cutaway, infographic
medical illustration of Keywords: earthquake, tectonics, Rayleigh wave, love wave, earth, power lines, utilities, road, sediment, cutaway, vector, infographic, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
medical illustration of About 770 cities in the US have combined sewer overflows, which are designed to collect stormwater, urban runoff, and sewage in the same pipe. In dry weather conditions, all of the wastewater will go to a treatment plant for processing; in extreme precipitation events, the wastewater can overflow into a local watershed. Rendered for an ERSI Story Map by Jack Barker. Keywords: Adobe Illustrator, vector, blueprint, urban, infrastructure, green and gray, bioswale, storm, drain, pollution, water
medical illustration of Cross section showing differences between green and gray infrastructure. Hard surfaces such as streets, drains, and pipes can send polluted runoff into watersheds. Green infrastructure such as bioswales or planter boxes  absorb stormwater and reduce pollution. Rendered for an ERSI Story Map by Jack Barker. Keywords: Adobe Illustrator, vector, blueprint, urban, infrastructure, green and gray, bioswale, storm, drain, pollution, water, tree, plants, roots, car, rain, precipitation, environment
medical illustration of Before quagga mussels (QM; left), and after three years of QM colonization. The benthos was dominated by QM but contained abundant invertebrates, including mysids. Additional keywords: plankton, phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish, alewives, water, water column, pelagic, freshwater, aquatic, lake, marine, eutrophication, invasive species, bivalves, benthic, detritus, food web
medical illustration of Rendered in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for a college-level climate and earth science textbook. Keywords: climate, global warming, weather, sky, fog, cloud, cirrus, stratus, cumulus, precipitation, atmosphere, humidity, landscape, comparison, infographic
medical illustration of Rendered in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Keywords: climate, weather, warming, global warming, pressure, atmosphere, landscape, cloud, thunderhead, rain, precipitation, lightening, temperature, arrow, sunset, fog, infographic, vector, earth
medical illustration of Graphical abstract. Adobe Illustrator. Keywords: marine, ocean, sea, bay, estuary, tide, phytoplankton, zooplankton, ichthyoplankton, copepod, fish larvae, bioluminescence, migration, reef, atoll, coast, cliff, sandstone, petroglyph, vegetation, landscape, graph, arrows, vector, infographic, data visualization, ecology, earth, climate, season
medical illustration of (a) Examples of acoustic tools (solid circled numbers with curved yellow lines indicating acoustic waves) and the wide variety of animals (open circled numbers) that they can be used to study, from zooplankton to marine mammals. (b) An example of acoustic data, representing the rectangle in panel a. (Rendered in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, published in the Annual Review of Marine Science v8.) Keywords: vector, ocean, sea, whale, fish, squid, krill, copepod, pterapod, snail, sonar, boat, ship
medical illustration of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Rendered for the Annual Review of Marine Science v3. Keywords: ocean, sea, cross section, magma, volcano, mid-ocean ridge, pelagic, photic, hydrothermal, sediment, cold seep, oxygen minimum, chemistry, biomass, nutrient, cycling, vector, infographic, arrows, data visualization, research, table
medical illustration of Hot, humid air rises at the equator and then travels north or south, cooling and sinking at about 30°N and 30°S. This is Hadley circulation. Subtropical jets travel east-to-west beyond the cool edges of each Hadley cell. During El Niño, excess heating in the tropics can strengthen air flow toward the poles, pushing jet streams out of their usual position—often bringing more storms across the southern U.S. Keywords: vector, weather, climate, map, pressure, atmosphere, precipitation, cutaway
medical illustration of Colorful rendering of DNA intended for consumer publications. Vector artwork created in Adobe Illustrator. Can be customized per client request. Keywords: genetics, genome, gene, chromosome, molecule, mutation, helix, double helix, base pairs, nucleotide, strand, backbone, bonds, carrier, testing, polymerase, RNA, replication, sequence, repair, ligase, sequencing, ancestry, genealogy
medical illustration of Rendered for Danny Manor's nutrition lab in CWRU's Department of Medicine. Additional keywords: Vitamin E, tocopherol, cell, plasma membrane, PM, lipid bilayer, endosome, cytoplasm, acceptor lipoprotein, vector, Adobe Illustrator
medical illustration of Cytoadhesion and antigenic variation by Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasites. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Published in Deitsch and Dzikowski (2017). Annual Review of Microbiology v71. Keywords: vector, blood, blood cell, erythrocyte, endothelial, cell, antibody, antibodies, disease, infographic, human health
medical illustration of Dietary nutrients are sensed along the intestinal epithelium via taste receptor–expressing sensory cells that form part of the enteroendocrine system. Stimulation of these cells results in the release of gut peptides that influence the hunger-satiety cycle. Once released, gut peptides can function locally in a paracrine fashion, via an endocrine effect using blood distribution, or via synapsis with the neuropods of the vagal nerve. Adobe Illustrator. Keywords: vector, intestine, cutaway
medical illustration of Conceptual framework for the interplay of stress exposure and mitochondrial alterations via the inflammatory and endocrine systems, which increases the risk of pathological states in vulnerable populations. Abbreviations: ccf-mtDNA, circulating cell-free mtDNA; mtDNA, mitochondrial DNA; mtDNAcn, mtDNA copy number; ROS, reactive oxygen species. Adobe Illustrator. Keywords: vector, organelle, energy, immune, immunology, inflammation, metabolism, aging, neuroscience, telomere, genetics
medical illustration of Processes that eventually can lead to the eradication of chemotherapy-resistant tumor cells. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Published in Kroemer et al. (2013) in the Annual Review of Immunology v31. Keywords: vector, immunology, cancer, T cell, memory cell, antigen, DC, lysis, blood vessel, macrophage, cytotoxic, radiation, chemotherapy, treatment, therapy
medical illustration of How and what to feed preterm versus term infants. Immature intestinal digestive and immune function increases the risk for NEC, which can lead to intestinal resection and SBS. Prolonged parenteral nutrition resulting from GI disease or other clinical morbidities increases the risk for PNALD. Adobe Illustrator. Burrin et al. (2020), Annual Review of Animal Biosciences v8. Keywords: vector, baby, babies, premature, gastrointestinal, IV, bottle, nursing, breastfeeding, jaundice, pediatric
medical illustration of (Right) Sufficient levels of vitamin D, a diverse microbiota, and oral allergen exposure support the development of tolerance. (Left) Allergic sensitization is promoted through cutaneous exposure, reduced diversity of the microbiota, and vitamin D deficiency. Adobe Illustrator. Redrawn with permission from Du Toit et al. (2018); copyright 2018 Elsevier. Published in Lack et al. (2020, Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology v36. Keywords: vector, baby, allergy, egg, milk, peanut, immune
medical illustration of Illustrated is the influence of total parenteral nutrition (TPN), a common clinical practice in hospitalized preterm infants. Also shown is the influence of surgical resection of intestine, which occurs due to congenital and acquired GI diseases. Adobe Illustrator. Published in Burrin et al. (2020), Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology v8. Keywords: vector, villi, crypt, immune, epithelial, endocrine, goblet, blood, vein, vessel, lymph, nerve, neuron, muscle mucous, lumen, gut
medical illustration of Geophagic earth may protect against toxins and pathogens by (a) strengthening the mucosal layer by binding with mucin/stimulating mucin production, reducing the permeability of the gut wall, and (b) binding to toxins/pathogens directly,  rendering them unabsorbable by the gut. Photo insets provided by Evelyne Delbos of the Macaulay Institute. Artwork rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Published in Young (2010) in the Annual Review of Nutrition v30. Keywords: vector, intestine, villi, virus, bacteria
medical illustration of The relevant anatomical structures are contained within the dura mater and consist of the brain tissue, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) space, and the cerebrovascular system (not shown). Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Published in Heldt et al. (2019), Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering v21. Keywords: vector, neuroscience, neurology, cerebrum, cerebral, cortex, ventricle, optical, optic nerve, subarachnoid, arachnoid, sagittal, cisterna magna, pia, cross section
medical illustration of Circuit diagrams on the right present an extremely simplified view of the brain, illustrating targets of optogenetic intervention... (a) When a fly approaches odor No. 5, an attractant, dopaminergic modulatory neurons carrying aversive reinforcement signals are optogenetically activated. (b) This intervention results in a lasting remapping of the state “presence of odor No. 5” onto the action “avoidance”. Adobe Illustrator. Published in Miesenböck (2011), Annu. Rev. Cell Dev. Biol. v27.
medical illustration of The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly is a common backyard visitor and valuable pollinator in Northern Arizona. Acrylic on illustration board. Keywords: painting, paint, yellow, acrylic, oil, butterfly, pollinator, insect, migration, conservatory
medical illustration of Rendered in Adobe Illustrator.
medical illustration of (Left) Paracalanid copepod. (Right) Cyclopoid copepod. Part of a larger graphical abstract about plankton community structure off NW Australia. McKinnon et al. 2014. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Keywords: vector, plankton, zooplankton, marine, ocean, ecology, food chain
medical illustration of Diversity among cichlid fish. (Top) Mchenga conophorus. (Middle) Unconfirmed species. (Bottom) Orange blotch morph of Labeotropheus fuelleborni. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Published in Martin et al. (2020), Annual Review of Ecology v50. Keywords: vector, ichthyology, genetics, mutations, evolution, marine, aquarium, aquatic, freshwater, ecology
medical illustration of Part of a larger figure about regeneration genetics. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Published in Chen and Poss (2017), Annual Review of Genetics v51. Keywords: vector, amphibian, ecology
medical illustration of Part of a series of illustrations of eucalyptus and manuka flowers for honey labels. Rendered in Adobe Photoshop. Keywords: botanical, floral, tea tree, antiseptic, bud, leaf, seed, petal, stamen, anther, water droplets
medical illustration of Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Keywords: vector, icon, illuminate, electric, electricity, energy, fluorescent, incandescent, screw, filament, lumens, watts, idea, bright, intelligent, genius, highlight, transparent, glass, metal
medical illustration of Part of a larger figure about lifespan changes in brain to behavior mappings shaped by interactions among processes related to maturation, learning (e.g., music), and senescence. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Published in Lindenberger and Lövden (2019), Annual Review of Developmental Psychology v1. Keywords: vector, music, sound, audio, audiology, musical instrument, notes, song, violinist, musician, viola, cello, bass, bow, frets, tuning, guitar, ukulele, memory
medical illustration of As atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations have climbed in recent decades, carbon storage on land has increased, too. Where is it all going?
NOAA-funded research indicates that semi-arid ecosystems are setting the trend in carbon storage, but their ability to keep taking up carbon is tied to climate, in particular El Niño and La Niña. Keywords: infographic, data visualization, graph, icons, typography, vector, trees, forest, corn, cactus, ecology, global warming, CO2, temperature, earth
medical illustration of Infographic comparing historical and recent snowpacks. Snowpacks sustain key natural resources, including salmon runs, sequoias, and the winter sports industry. Sierra snowmelt provides drinking and agricultural water in California. Reduced snowpacks raise wildfire risk. Keywords: vector, data visualization, map, graph, topography, typography, numbers, icons, mountain, snow, climate, climate change, global warming, outdoor, recreation, skiing, snowboarding, alpine, drought
medical illustration of Liquid nitrogen helps chill and condense individual gases from the flask sample. Lenses steer ion fragments toward the quadrupole: an electrified conduit with an oscillating voltage. The quadrupole is tuned to allow ions of only one mass-to-charge ratio through to the detector at a time. A vacuum pump keeps oxygen from incinerating the rhenium filament. Adobe Illustrator. Keywords: vector, lab, gas chromatography, spectrometer, computer, climate, global warming, atmosphere, gas, research, air
medical illustration of A developmental cascade perspective of pediatric obesity: conceptual model and scoping review. Bold text indicates strongest support as indicated by a review of the literature. Keywords: Adobe Illustrator, vector, diagram, flow chart, infographic, public, policy, decision making, public, health, layout, design, graphic design, data visualization, typography, education, development, nutrition, weight, parenting, child, children, family, behavior, politics, culture, values, sociology, psychology
medical illustration of Keywords: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, vector, graph, map, geography, cartography, infographic, snow, glacier, melt, polar, arctic, climate, climate change, global warming, sea, ocean, marine, sea level rise, weather
medical illustration of Keywords: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, vector, map, geography, cartography, topography, earth, globe, U.S., USA, United States, infographic, public, policy, decision making, government, management, data visualization, arrow, climate, global warming, jet stream, precipitation, teperature, pressure, El Nino, La Nina, oscillation, ENSO
medical illustration of NIDIS's Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) for different regions of the nation. Keywords: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, vector, map, geography, cartography, topography, earth, U.S., USA, United States, infographic, public, policy, decision making, government, management, data, visualization, monitoring, mitigation, predictions, forecasting, research, communication, economy, agriculture, park, recreation
medical illustration of Keywords: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, vector, map, geography, cartography, topography, earth, U.S., USA, United States, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, infographic, public, policy, decision making, government, management, layout, design, graphic design, data visualization, infographic, typography, numbers, budget, money, funds, economy, climate, global warming, energy, mitigation, pollution, environment
medical illustration of Pen and ink on illustration board.
medical illustration of Graphite illustration of a beehive-shaped pine cone (from Pinus jeffreyi) on Bristol board. The Jeffrey pine is distinguished from Ponderosa pine by the prickles that curve inward on the cones. I collected this cone while on a hike in the Sierra Nevada and was intrigued by the spiral arrangement of the scales. Keywords: pencil, sketch, drawing, seed, pine, pine cone, cone, tree, forest, fire, wildfire, wood, California
medical illustration of Rendered in Adobe Illustrator in a vintage pen-and-ink style. One of a series of illustrations for Dr. Stephanie Mohr's book, First in Fly, published in March 2018. A fly-pushing station is used by geneticists to study mutations in fruit flies. Carbon dioxide is used to anesthetize the flies. The flies are then gently poured from the vial onto the fly pad, under bright white lights, where they can be viewed under the microscope.
medical illustration of This artwork was contracted by geneticist and lecturer at Harvard University, Dr. Stephanie Mohr, to serve as a banner on her Twitter page. After much deliberation, she chose two flying flies from my collection of thumbnail sketches, saying they appeared the most dynamic and
medical illustration of Adult female. Body is organized in three main regions: head, thorax, and abdomen. Fruit flies have two wings and a pair of halteres (drumstick-shaped structures at the base of the wings that are thought to help with balance). Rendered in Adobe Illustrator in a vintage pen-and-ink style. One of a series of illustrations for Dr. Stephanie Mohr's book, First in Fly, published in March 2018.
medical illustration of Death cap mushrooms contain a deadly toxin called alpha-amanitin. Researchers have found that some wild strains of Drosophila are resistant to the toxin. Rendered in Adobe Illustrator in a vintage pen-and-ink style. One of a series of illustrations for Dr. Stephanie Mohr's book, First in Fly, published in March 2018.


Visualizing Science is the studio of Fiona Martin, Creative Director, Science Illustrator, and Designer. Specialties include vector illustration, pen-and-ink, infographics, data visualization, and layout design. Fiona is most inspired by the way graphics serve as a universal language—facilitating communication among scientists, decision-makers, students, and the public. Fiona holds a B.S. in Marine Biology (summa cum laude) and a certificate in Science Illustration. Upon graduation she completed dual internships with the Channel Islands National Park in California, and Electronic Publishing Company in New York City. She now has 15 years of experience illustrating and designing for a wide range of scientific disciplines, as well as serving as a Senior Illustration Editor at Annual Reviews. Fiona has had a lifelong hearing loss, though this has only made her more acutely aware of the need for visual communication. She's an asset on any team—a creative problem-solver, patient, hard-working, and detail-oriented.


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